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Bring convenience, class and prestige to your home all in one package with Stiltz Homelift.

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About Homelifts

Stiltz homelift is much more than just an ordinary elevator. See for you self!

Small Footprint

Unlike the rest, Stiltz Homelifts take up a very limited space. It's just as if it was already there!


Our noise-less drive systems make sure your lift runs as smoothly and quietly as it can get!

Fast Installation

Say goodbye to never-ending installation processes With stilts, the entire process only takes 3 to 5 days.

Power Consumption

Wtih Stiltz Homlelifts super efficient power systems, drift through the floors without worrying about your bill!

Unique Guide System

Stiltz unique guide system is made on two parallel and vertical guides that bear the entire weight of the structure. This means there's no need for load bearing walls,

Self Contained Drive System

The motors, breaks ropes and everything else is desinged to be away from the eyes and in the lift itself so things would look as good as they should.

Say goodbye to uncomfortable stail lifts and convensional elevators. The DuoAlta is able to take up to 2 adult passengers from one floor to the other in less than 30 seconds.

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Compact, eye-catching and capable! Able to carry passengers and wheelchairs, the TrioAlta will take moving through floors to a whole new level!

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